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Alertro to take part in the EU Shield4Crowd Initiative

April 2024: Alertro, a global provider of Early Warning and Public Alert Systems (PWS) that help governments and communities keep their population safe during critical events, participated in the prestigious European Union Shield4Crowd initiative that is focused on enhancing crowd management security in the EU public places.

Shield4Crowd, an initiative by the European Union, aims to identify the common vulnerabilities posing risks to the protection of public spaces and invest in innovative security technologies that provide unique solutions to these risks.

Together with its partner GetSense, Alertro demonstrated its SMART Mass alerting system and its new and unique approach to security for the public in large gatherings such as train stations, concert venues, stadiums, and exhibition centers.

Shaul Mazor, Alertro CEO: It was an honor for us to contribute to this life-saving initiative and to have the opportunity to share our innovative ideas and technologies. At Alertro, our mission is to keep people safe and informed. Our SMART technology combines advanced AI tools, sophisticated algorithms, and event-driven workflows to provide early warnings and geo-targeted alerts for a range of critical events, including natural disasters, extreme weather, violence, and terrorism. With a robust and resilient architecture, Alertro’s proven solutions can support nationwide, regional, and community safety initiatives, and empower governments and communities to effectively manage unfolding events and keep people safe.”

About Alertro

Alertro is a privately-owned company and providing the SMART PWS. SMART has been successfully saving the lives of millions of people around the world who rely on the system to get a geo-targeted timely alert in the quickest and most reliable way.
Alertro provides a unified platform that manages the complete life cycle of the event in a fully automated way and complies with the most stringent international standards and PII data protection protocols.
Alertro continues to heavily invest in creating the next generation of PWS capabilities aimed to support and protect our customers.

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