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SMART for Goverments

SMART for Goverments

Ensure SMART Response When Most Needed

Ensure SMART Response When Most Needed

Governments around the world are continuously faced with an array of serious threats, ranging from natural disasters to security concerns and public health emergencies. In this complex and rapidly changing landscape, an end-to-end early warning and public alerting solution is an essential tool that enables timely, informed decision-making and reliable alerts to ensure public safety.

Alertro has developed a robust full turkey solution that is capable of handling thousands of alerts simultaneously under the most rigorous conditions on a nationwide level. With cutting-edge technologies and resilient architecture, the system’s effectiveness has been proven over the years in challenging environments ranging from war-torn countries to natural disaster zones. Not only does it warn the public according to geo-targeted criteria or pre-defined groups, but the system continues to provide relevant alerts and guidance as people move from one location to another and first responders are called in to the event. At the same time, the system also supports authorities by providing real-time situational awareness and crowd movement visualization using an innovative and customizable dashboard.

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SMART Highlights

Dynamic location based Alerts ,warnings and geo-fencing

Robust multi-channel alert dissemination

Targeted messages to specific pre-defined groups

Automate and customize event driven workflows

Situational Awareness and visualize population movements

Resilient architecture for Continues availability

The Next Generation is Here

  • Tailored for large-scale dual use implementations
  • Two-way emergency communication and alerts
  • Integration with IoT, M2M and VR for advanced protection
  • Smart event management system with customized dashboards
  • Complies with international standards and PII data protection requirements

SMART Benefits

SMART for Governments empowers governments to automate and customize their response activities, and manage them with precision and efficiency, ultimately enhancing public safety and resilience in the face of ever-changing and uncertain global challenges.

  • Improves Resilience

    The need to protect people at home, traveling or in the workplace requires the ability to analyze and process location-based events, communicate them to the public, and effectively deploy event-driven response teams (first responders, medical, security)

  • Cutting-Edge-Technologies Keep People Safe

    Leverages sophisticated AI-tools, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced algorithms to optimally detect, alert and protect citizens of impending dangers while minimizing any potential impact on human lives and infrastructure

  • Trusted and Proven in the Most Extreme Conditions

    Protects millions of citizens in countries with a high risk of natural hazards, severe weather, violence and other demanding safety-related challenges

  • Robust Multi-Channel Alert Dissemination

    Delivers geo-targeted notifications to millions of people using advanced multichannel dissemination that includes modern mobile phone channels (mobile app, CBC, LB-SMS) alongside standard communication channels (sirens, radio, TV/Smart TV, social media, digital signage, opt-in systems, etc.) ensures your protection is maximized

  • Fitted for Dual Use

    The only proven solution used by numerous governments during national emergencies to alert and communicate with the population regarding natural disasters as well as man-made events, and to operate under the most rigorous conditions