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Alertro to Showcases the SMART for Governments Early Warning and Public Alerting System in Central America

Alertro held a live demonstration of the SMART for Governments system presenting its capabilities to manage ongoing critical events and supporting timely, informed decision to safeguard the population

Nov 2023 [Tel-Aviv, Israel]: Alertro, a global provider of Early Warning and Public Alerts Systems (PWS) that help governments and communities to keep their population safe during critical events, showcased it SMART for Governments system to government officials from key countries in Central America.

SMART for Governments empowers governments to automate and customize their response activities, and manage them with precision and efficiency, ultimately enhancing public safety and resilience in the face of ever-changing and uncertain global challenges. 

The system leverages 15 years of experience to optimally detect, alert and protect citizens of impending dangers while minimizing any potential impact on human lives and infrastructure

SMART is implemented in a resilient architecture that makes it uniquely is capable of handling thousands of alerts simultaneously under the most rigorous conditions on a nationwide level. 

The system also supports authorities by providing real-time situational awareness and crowd movement visualization using an innovative and customizable dashboard.

About Alertro

Alertro is a privately-owned company established in 2008 and based in Israel.
For over 15 years, SMART PWS has been successfully saving the lives of millions of people around the world who rely on the system to get a geo-targeted timely alert in the quickest and most reliable way.
Alertro provides a unified platform that manages the complete life cycle of the event in a fully automated way and complies with the most stringent international standards and PII data protection protocols.
Alertro continues to heavily invest in creating the next generation of PWS capabilities aimed to support and protect our customers.

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