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SMART for Communities

SMART for Communities

The SMART Approach to Community Safety

The SMART Approach to Community Safety

Community safety is becoming a growing concern. With an increasing number of incidents related to unexpected weather events, natural hazards, terror, violent crimes, and other emergencies, it is imperative to safeguard the well-being of our communities.

SMART for Communities is a comprehensive end-to-end solution designed to disseminate critical alerts and warnings in real time to members of a community within a specific geographical area or members of a pre-defined group. It incorporates all of the trusted features of SMART for Governments while being specially tailored to meet the unique requirements of communities whether they are educational institutions, companies or any defined group of individuals.

Not only does the system alert members of a community or organization according to geo-targeted criteria or their membership in a specific community, but the system continues to provide relevant warnings and guidance as to how people should protect themselves while first responders are called in to handle the event. At the same time, the system also supports authorities by providing real-time situational awareness and coordinating emergency responses and personal deployment.

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SMART Community Highlights

Tailored for geographic-based communities, enterprises, organizations, religious and ethnic communities, and others

Empowers members to send PANIC messages and emergency reports

Triggers optimized workflow responses (SOP) from received messages

Mobilizes immediate responders (medical, security, police)

Multi-channel Distributes multi-channel location-based alerts

Geo-Fencing warnings prevent members from approaching

Community Engagement to Stay Safe

  • Cutting-edge technologies aimed at keeping community members safe
  • Real-time situational awareness for improved response management
  • Fast information dissemination
  • Off-the-shelf solution for quick implementation
  • Complies with international standards and PII data protection requirements

SMART Community Benefits

SMART for Communities serves as a unifying force within cities, schools, enterprises and other organizations. It fosters community collaboration by providing a platform for open communication among residents, local authorities, and community leaders. This engagement strengthens the fabric of the community, promoting a sense of shared responsibility for safety.

  • Tailored for Natural Disasters and Man-Made Events

    Safeguards the well-being of communities against incidents related to unexpected weather events, health hazards, terror, violent crimes, active shootings, hate crimes and other emergencies.

  • Improves Resilience

    Advanced geo-targeting capabilities enable the dissemination of alerts only to those users whose physical location is in the specific area or physical proximity of an unfolding event. The system ensures zero interruption to others for whom the alert is not relevant.

  • SMART Safety App

    Tailored safety app that enhances community members’ personal safety and connection with the control center. The app supports bi-directional communication and geo-targeted alerts and notifications. Uniquely designed for high-efficiency power consumption, the app does not drain your battery and supports you when you need it most.

  • Effectively Manage Unfolding Events

    Leverages a data-driven approach based on sophisticated AI-tools, IoT technologies and advanced algorithms to establish tailored event-driven workflows and standard operating procedures (SOPs) that manage an unfolding event (SOP) and warn communities in specific geographic areas or members of specific communities of impending danger.

  • Reliable and secure architecture

    Supports deployment over secured private cloud infrastructure or on-prem and complies with international standards and PII data protection requirements.