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German Community to Implement the SMART Community Warning System

In a proactive move to ensure the safety and security of its members, Chabad community in Germany has adopted the SMART Community Warning System. This advanced system, developed by Alertro, is tailored to meet the unique needs of communities, nations, and organizations, providing a comprehensive solution for disseminating location-based critical alerts and warnings in real-time.
The SMART Community Warning System features a sophisticated geo-location engine that receives real-time threat information from community members using the SMART mobile app and from surveillance sensors used by the community. The system processes the incoming event and issues a unique location-based alert only to those in the immediate vicinity of the danger, along with precise guidance and instructions to ensure their safety.

The SMART system additionally establishes geo-fencing to prevent members from entering the threat area while also notifying major stakeholders in the community, such as leadership, first responders, community establishments, and others. The SMART System isn’t just about emergency response. It also serves as a powerful tool for ongoing communication and engagement within the community, distributing updates, messages, and important information effortlessly, keeping everyone informed and involved.

Shaul Mazor, CEO of Alertro, stated: “Ensuring the safety of communities worldwide is a core value for us at Alertro, and with our SMART system, we empower individuals to report threats and receive specific location-based alerts that help them feel safe and secure in their daily lives. We are working closely with each community to customize the system to their specific needs, taking charge of their safety and standing strong together against adversity.”

About Alertro

Alertro is a privately-owned company and providing the SMART PWS. SMART has been successfully saving the lives of millions of people around the world who rely on the system to get a geo-targeted timely alert in the quickest and most reliable way.
Alertro provides a unified platform that manages the complete life cycle of the event in a fully automated way and complies with the most stringent international standards and PII data protection protocols.
Alertro continues to heavily invest in creating the next generation of PWS capabilities aimed to support and protect our customers.

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